Bottom Fishing

There are a variety of species that can be targeted while bottom fishing with Vintage Charters. This type of fishing will include finding a spot on a reef where bottom fish dwell. These fish species include mutton, lane, mangrove, vermillion, and genuine red snapper as well as gag, red, and black grouper. Some amberjack species are also found while bottom fishing, including amberjack, Almaco jack, Rudderfish, and rainbow runners.

The depth of water we will target these fish will be anywhere from 65 to 200 feet. We will use heavy conventional rods and reels spooled with braid in order to get the fish off the bottom quickly before they retreat to the reef. All fish caught while bottom fishing is excellent eating fish, and most can be taken home at the end of the charter. Some species of fish have certain seasons when they can be caught and harvested. Please inquire within the FWC website or simply ask Captain Dexter about what fish are in season during your desired charter date.