Cobia Fishing Charter

Cobia are a highly sought after fish that are found along the Treasure Coast off of Stuart Florida. They can either be found swimming off reefs, wrecks, or other structures or cobia can also be found swimming along sharks, turtles, or stingrays as these fish will scavenge off of the catch of these other animals.

Cobia is a migratory fish and travels long distances. They make their way through Stuart in the winter months around January and February but are possible year-round. The best way to target Cobia during these months is to look for large rays and sight fish cobia with jigs and spinning gear. During late spring and early summer, Cobia can be found along with the wrecks and reefs as well as along the beach. Fishing for cobia is exciting and will put your fishing skills to the test! The meat is mild with excellent flavor. Cobia can be prepared in many ways, including grilled, blackened, fried, seared, or even left raw within ceviche or as sashimi.

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