Kingfish Charter

Kingfish, or King Mackerel, are prevalent along the Treasure Coast, especially outside of the St. Lucie Inlet. Kingfish are migratory fish and travel along from Florida to the Carolinas during late spring. These fish make their way back to Florida during the winter months.

Kingfish are opportunistic carnivores. These fish will go after baits with tenacity and at times “sky” on baits, meaning jumping straight out of the water towards the sky, sometimes to heights of 10-15 feet, in an attempt to stun their prey. This display is very impressive and creates a lot of excitement while fishing for kingfish.

Kingfish have extremely sharp teeth; for this reason, Captain Dexter may opt to use wire leaders in order to optimize the chances of catching a fish without having their razor sharp teeth cut through line. Kingfish are good to eat, especially smoked and made into fish dip.