Mahi Mahi Charter Fishing

Also known as dolphin or dorado, mahi fishing is one of the most popular types of fish to target along the Treasure Coast. Mahi Mahi is highly sought after because of their acrobatic display when caught along with their excellent table fare. Dolphin migrate along the gulf stream and travel from the Carolinas to Florida. If your goal is to target big dolphin, your best bet will be to book a charter in April or May. Mahi can be found along Stuart year-round and can be an added bonus while fishing for various other pelagic fish.

Mahi Mahi typically ranges from 5-15 pounds, but bigger dolphin are not uncommon. Mahi as large as 50 pounds are caught along the treasure coast! While fishing for dolphin, a variety of fishing methods can be used. If live bait is available, either fishing out of the riggers or with kites is a very effective way to target dolphin. If live bait is not available, trolling with dead ballyhoo with chin weights and circle hooks is also an excellent method to catch these beautiful sport fish.

These fish are very aggressive and may eat multiple baits within the spread. Mahi Mahi put on a very visual display when caught. It is not unusual to see a mahi jump, flip, and cartwheel through the water to try to spit the hook. While putting on these aerial moves, you will get a clear look at the mahi’s beautiful colors, including iridescent blues, greens, silver, and yellow. While targeting dolphin, we may come across schools of these fish and catch multiple fish at one time. This is a reason Mahi are a desired fish to target – they provide a lot of action, a beautiful show, and are great tasting at the end of the day!