Rigger Fishing for Sailfish

Fishing out of Stuart, Florida is like none other. Stuart is known as the sailfish capital of the world and it is not uncommon to have double digit days when it comes to sailfishing. Sailfish are known as the fastest fish in the ocean, reaching speeds of up to 70 mph. They spend their days hunting baitfish and are one of the top predators in the ocean. These fish use their bills to create bait balls and slash their bills to stun their prey. During trips with Captain Dexter, you may be able to see this amazing display of attack while catching sailfish. These fish are known for their acrobatic moves when hooked. Sailfish will jump and flip, putting on a show while being caught. Sailfish are solely catch and release with Captain Dexter, but you will have plenty of opportunities to take a few pictures with your prized catch before the sailfish is safely released.

During rigger fishing for Sailfish, live baits are deployed through the outriggers similar to trolling but at much slower speeds. This allows an effective spread of baitfish mimicking a school of bait. We also deploy holographic strip teasers which will create shine and shimmer in the water that will attract sailfish towards the live baits. Generally spinning rods will be used with a light leader, typically around the 40-pound test. This type of fishing can be very visual and often sailfish will chase the bait within a few feet of the boat.