Trolling for Sailfish

Sailfish are a well known sport fish that are highly sought after. These fish are found along the Treasure Coast are caught outside of the St. Lucie Inlet. While Trolling for Sailfish on your fishing charter in Stuart, FL with Vintage Charters, sailfish will be targeted for their impressive fight and acrobatic display.

There may be times that live bait is not available. This does not mean that a sail fishing charter in Stuart, FL is no longer an option. During these times, Captain Dexter will use a trolling technique in which dead ballyhoo will be rigged with circle hooks. The sail fishing outriggers will be used and baits will be trolled behind the boat at varying distances to entice the fish. We troll at 4-5 knots and pattern around reef lines and wrecks where bait and hungry sailfish like to congregate. This is historically the most common method used to target sailfish in the Treasure Coast area. Trolling also offers a very visual display when fish are hooked.