Tuna Fishing Charter

The blackfin tuna is found while fishing out of the St. Lucie Inlet. The blackfin is the smallest in the tuna family, but this does not mean that they should be overlooked! Blackfin tunas are on average around 5-15 pounds, but it is not uncommon for blackfins to grow upwards of 30+ pounds.

While targeting blackfin tuna, Captain Dexter will focus on finding birds flying in the area; this is an indication that fish are focused on eating bait and the opportunistic bird preys on the bait that makes it to the surface. This is a visual indication that fish are feeding and to fish in this area. Captain Dexter will either use live bait while kite fishing or will troll small spoons or feather lures in order to entice the fast-swimming predator to strike. Blackfin tuna put up an excellent fight and once caught, are great to eat the night after you catch them. Whether you decide to sear it with sesame seeds and soy sauce or prepare it as sashimi, the blackfin tuna is an excellent eating fish and a wonderful prize to enjoy at the end of your charter.